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Latex Brick
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U$S 31.58
With this latex brick you can present many gags, such as throwing it into the public to select an assistant!...It is very real and super light.
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Mouth Coil White (12 coils)
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U$S 9.00
The magician tears some paper napkins and beguins to eats them. Then he pulls yards or white streamer from his mouth! Grat for stage and kid shows. This is the same used by Vic and Fabrini and Vito Lupo.
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Crooked Deck
In Stock
U$S 18.00
The Crooked Pack of Playing Cards No 969 was made in Hong Kong many years ago. You get 52 cards + 2 jokers in this special zig-zag shape. The cards are brand new and unused, but as can see in the photo, the box is a bit marked by the fact that the cards have been in stock for many years. The cards are available with red or blue back.
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Bouquet of Apparition Flowers
In Stock
U$S 70.00
The magician shows an empty handkerchief or napkin, displays it on both sides and produces a large bouquet of flowers from the handkerchief! An effect that is always liked, easy to do and that has no angles, since you can present it surrounded! THE IMAGE IS FOR ILLUSTRATIVE NATURE ONLY
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Stiff Rope
In Stock
U$S 7.50
This will remind you the famous Indian Rope Trick Illusion. You show a rolled up piece of rope. Now uncoiling the rope you stretch the rope between the two hands, horizontally, and pretend to hypnotize the rope. Dramatically release one end of the rope from one hand.
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In Stock
U$S 3.00
When you press these little devices, they make a very nice squeal. to use with the racoon, with sponge balls, or however you wish. Available in different sizes, you can select the size here.
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Jeringa Falsa
En breve en stock
out of stock
U$S 11.88
Harmless fun!
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