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Cards Know (DVD and Props) by Henry Evans
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U$S 40.00
The magician says the cards know which one is missing from the deck, and they will tell everyone. The only thing the magician must do is snap his fingers to make them "speak". He proceed to snap his fingers and spread the cards to show a card magically appearing face down in the middle. 
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Matching Couples by Henry Evans
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U$S 45.00
 When the magician wants, they all appear to be in matching couples (e.g. Jack of hearts and Jack of diamonds). The rest of the deck can be shuffled by a spectator and the same thing will happen with every single couple (e.g. 10 of clubs and ten of spades, etc, etc).
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10 Exact Cuts by Henry Evans
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U$S 50.00
A spectator shuffles a deck of cards and another spectator simply names any of the four suits. The magician retrieves the pack and then quickly cuts it into 10 piles. Amazingly, the first packet is counted and found to contain just one card! The second packet contains two cards, the third three cards and so on, all the way through to the last packet containing exactly 10 cards!
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Remote Control Deck by Bodie Blake
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U$S 51.00
Magicians need order, so when giving the order, your cards can be ordered in sequences of 1-1, 2-2 or 3-3. Bodie Blake's Remote Control Deck is a magic trick that puts order to the chaos of your deck and in a super simple way, allows you to be the master of the Universe..
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Mene Tekel Deck
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U$S 19.00
Now, this devilishly clever deck is back! An entire new generation is creating new effects with this old workhorse of a gaff. As easy to use as a Svengali Deck, but with a diverse catalog of applications!
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Discovery Pack
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U$S 21.00
An excellent game by Aldo Colombini. The card chosen by a spectator has the name of the card freely chosen by another spectator written on its back!! Sensational, with instructions in Spanish.
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