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Deluxe Milk Glass
In Stock
U$S 11.50
The magician takes a glass of milk and pours it into a paper cone. He immediately opens the paper cone showing it is empty and dry: The milk is gone! This new model has more capacity, better design and works perfectly!
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Needle Thru Balloon Professional
In Stock
U$S 13.00
The magician shows a clear balloon blown up by one spectator from the audience, and then the magician shows a 45-cm long stainless steel needle to be looked at by the audience. Using this needle, the magician plunges the needle into the balloon from one end to the other and the balloon does not burst out !!
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Bicycle Deck (Poker Size)
In Stock
U$S 7.50
The Deck that Started It All Every Bicycle® playing card deck is specially crafted so that you can trust Bicycle® cards performance, hand after hand. Great for all card games. Great for all players.
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Mouth Coil White (12 coils)
In Stock
U$S 9.00
The magician tears some paper napkins and beguins to eats them. Then he pulls yards or white streamer from his mouth! Grat for stage and kid shows. This is the same used by Vic and Fabrini and Vito Lupo.
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Needle Balloon Lubricant Wand - White Tips
In Stock
U$S 6.00
It's the perfect sleeve for the Needle Through Balloon. Inside the wandthere is some lubricant so the needle is always ready to be used.  You can easily add more lubricant when this is over. The Needle through balloon is  not included. Needle Ballon Lubricant Wand is made of high quality plastic and looks like a normal Magic Wand. Resistent Plastic Bag protection and instruct
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Half Dollar Coins
En breve en stock
Half Dollar Coins
out of stock
U$S 2.63
Regular, American half dollar coins. Perfect for all your coin tricks! Sold by unit
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