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Bola a Conejo de Goshman (Grande)
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Bola a Conejo de Goshman (Grande)
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U$S 27.00
Se muestran dos bolas de esponja e inmediatamente se convierten en un conejo de esponja de unos 1
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Professional Dye Tube by Vernet Magic
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U$S 9.00
You start by showing both hands empty. Then you take a red silk and push it into the top of your fist. When it emerges from the bottom, it will change to white. If you want, the white silk can be immediately changed back to the original color.
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Bug Writer (GREASE Lead) by Vernet Magic
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U$S 18.00
The great British magician Eric Mason changed the world of mentalism with his invention: the Boon Writer "the greatest smallest gimmick in mentalism". Some performers may find it difficult to write well with the Boon Writer for different reasons: they may find it a little bit unstable, or they feel they need a stronger grip.
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