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Purse by Vernet Magic
In Stock
U$S 50.00
“Purse” is a specially manufactured purse. It’s handmade from genuine leather by expert craftsmen. “Purse” has a hidden feature that lets you perform three hard-hitting professional routines.
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Bicycle 2 Faced Red (Mirror Deck Same on both sides) Playing Card
En breve en stock
Bicycle 2 Faced Red (Mirror Deck Same on both sides)...
out of stock
U$S 34.76
Murphy's Magic's, 2 Faced (Mirror Deck Same Both Sides) Bicycle Playing Cards will make you look like a pro as you perform your best tricks and sleights with ease.
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BDM Hands Off - The Perfect Chest by Martin Pacheco
In Stock
U$S 295.00
Good luck is always on your side, and in such a magical and clean way as you never imagined BDM Hands Off is the last chest produced by Bazar de Magia , which surpasses all the other ones created so far. Four keys are given to the spectators to verify that they do not open the chest.  A fifth key is given , which they verify that it opens it . Then the magic begins.
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Latex Hammer
Latex Hammer
In Stock
U$S 30.00
It has the exact appearance and size of a real hammer. Because of being constructed with very light latex it can be thrown to the audience.
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