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The Invisible Hand (Device Only) by Michel - Vernet...
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U$S 55.00
The Invisible Hand   is the new name we give to an old device originally known as Hold Out. You can do wonders in your magic act with this device. You can vanish different objects, change colors, sizes or shapes, cut and restore a rope, etc.; standing in front of the audience with your hands away from your body and away from the table.
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Boston Box
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U$S 22.00
The classic Okito box, but with an improvement. Highly polished. With this excellent accesorie you can make coins appears, dessapears and penetrate this solid brass box.
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Jumbo Half Dollar
In Stock
U$S 15.00
Here's a giant half dollar for those times when you wish to conclude your coin routine with a BIG ending! This JUMBO 3" Half Dollar is a perfect replica, and is sure to produce astonishment and applause!
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Folding Coin (1/2 Dollar)
out of stock
U$S 16.00
The magician takes a normal coin and an empty bottle. He requests a spectator who takes the bottle for the peak and strikes the bottom of the bottle with the coin, and it crosses the bottom of the bottle. Afterwards he shows that the coin is really inside the bottle, the magician waves the bottle and the coin goes out of it. Immediately he gives to examine the coin and the bottle.
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Locking Coin $1.35
out of stock
U$S 48.00
The magician produces four coins, two of half dollar, a quarter dollar and a 10 cents. coin. He puts one to one inside of his left hand, then he removes a half dollar coin and opens the hand all the other coins will have disappeared.
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Mini Coins - Half Dollar (4 coins)
In Stock
U$S 3.00
Yes, pennys, nickels, dimes, quarters, and half dollars are perfect in design, but are micro size. They can be used as a joke item or integrated into a magic trick. Use them next time you get lousy service and leave a small tip! 
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Perfect Shell Coin Set Half Dollar
out of stock
U$S 34.00
Usually we use our own coins to perform magic - it's very rare occasion when the magician asks for borrowed coins for performing. Actually, if you use half or one-dollar coins, nobody has these coins in his pocket, because they aren't current coins used today.
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