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Anima (Gimmick and DVD) by Michel & Vernet Magic
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U$S 80.00
With ANIMA: You'll give it for close examination after the performance. You'll perform it under any light condition with plain sunlight or in a room with a strong spotlight. And you'll be always ready. You'll not be hooked up. Anima gimmick will give you absolute freedom. You'll perform it in any condition: sitting, standing up, outdoor or indoor. Perfect for strolling magic.
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CD Poker by Vernet Magic
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U$S 10.00
YOU ALWAYS WIN! You explain you have a new computer program that allows you to win in Poker using no computer. Then you show a CD that has ten printed face cards on one side and back cards on the other.
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Le Paul Wallet by Vernet Magic
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U$S 95.00
The Le Paul/ Jennings Wallet allows you to make travel cards coins bills rings or billets inside a sealed envelope which was into a zipped compartment of a fine leather wallet. It is excellent for parlor or close up magic and it is manufactured by the most experienced craftsmen.
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Risky Bet (Argentine Pesos - Gimmick) by Henry Evans
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U$S 42.00
Since the magician's wager ended up where the selected card was in the deck, then the selected card should be where the bill was. Sure enough, there is now a face down card under the magician's shoe, picking it up and turning it over reveals the spectator's selected card and the magician wins the bet!
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Cards Know (DVD and Props) by Henry Evans
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U$S 40.00
The magician says the cards know which one is missing from the deck, and they will tell everyone. The only thing the magician must do is snap his fingers to make them "speak". He proceed to snap his fingers and spread the cards to show a card magically appearing face down in the middle. 
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Aviso 3D de Henry Evans
En breve en stock
3D Advertising by Henry Evans
out of stock
U$S 45.00
From a catalog where 4 printed mallets of different colors are seen one of them materializes in sight falling from the image to reality, leaving a blank space in the catalog, the interesting thing as a condition is that it can then be examined the catalog and the deck, the magician being able to continue with any other card routine.
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