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Universal Pull by Vernet Magic
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U$S 9.00
 Vernet Universal Pull shows a main difference with other pulls: whereas all the others only allow you to make a silk vanish Vernet Universal Pull also allows you to make spoons bills coins cigarettes pens and much more elements vanish. Its excusive design made it get the Inventions First Prize during the Second Argentinean National Congress in 1981.
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Professional Dye Tube by Vernet Magic
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You start by showing both hands empty. Then you take a red silk and push it into the top of your fist. When it emerges from the bottom, it will change to white. If you want, the white silk can be immediately changed back to the original color.
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Catched (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Daniel Ketchedjian ( CATCHED )  Trick
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Catched (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Daniel...
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U$S 50.00
The opener from one of the busiest magicians in Latin America. 3 x 1: Three routines for the price of one!
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Silkeny 2.0 (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by...
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U$S 30.00
My professional silk routine After a long time performing "Silkeny," I further refined the routine and created an improved version called "Silkeny 2.0" which is the culmination of many years of work. A silk handkerchief keeps changing color, as the magician supposedly explains the secret. The magic keeps coming, with a climax that the audience won't see coming!
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Furia (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Merpin -...
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U$S 24.00
A postmodern take on thimble magic. Merpin is one of the leading magicians of South America, a top TV, theater and comedy club professional with a unique style. Here he explains 5 routines from his professional repertoire, from a silent musical act to a full 4-minute routine filled with gags, very entertaining patter and surprises.
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