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Dado Mental de Anverdi
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Mental Die White by Tony Anverdi
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U$S 285.00
Are you still looking forward to Mental Dice? This is your chance. The Mental Dice will allow you to indulge in mentalism at a much more affordable price. 1 dice, a lot of magic and many possible predictions.
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Envel - Epic by Walter Valle & Bazar de Magia
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U$S 30.00
You will be able to predict three random choices from three spectators. A shocking and very easy to perform magic effect. Three spectators, three random thoughts or choices and three predictions that will absolutely match the three choices when revealed. Envel Epic will make you receive great applause. That is our prediction.
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Universal Pull by Vernet Magic
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U$S 9.00
 Vernet Universal Pull shows a main difference with other pulls: whereas all the others only allow you to make a silk vanish Vernet Universal Pull also allows you to make spoons bills coins cigarettes pens and much more elements vanish. Its excusive design made it get the Inventions First Prize during the Second Argentinean National Congress in 1981.
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Knot Out by Vernet Magic
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U$S 12.00
The magician shows very clearly a ribbon while the audience can see his hands empty. One spectator points to any spot of the ribbon and with a pair of scissors he cuts the ribbon. Then the magician ties the two pieces together. Suddenly the knot visibly jumps out of the ribbon. The ribbon is completely restored and given away for full examination.
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Professional Dye Tube by Vernet Magic
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U$S 9.00
You start by showing both hands empty. Then you take a red silk and push it into the top of your fist. When it emerges from the bottom, it will change to white. If you want, the white silk can be immediately changed back to the original color.
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