• Cheetah by Germán Dabat & Michel
Cheetah by Germán Dabat & Michel

Cheetah by Germán Dabat & Michel

A card index fast, slim and lethal

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A card index fast, slim and lethal

Just like a cheetah

Imagine if you could find any card, secretly, in one second. Now, with Cheetah, you can. A card index so thin that fits into ANY POCKET. It’s very easy to learn, you don’t need to perform weird moves, riffling, or mental calculations. The revolutionary design allows you to produce as many cards as you want, any poker hand and instant access to any four of a kind. This is THE card index for everyday use! You will not leave your home without carrying Cheetah!

We include 2 indexes for 26 cards each and a video download with step by step explanations and 4 professional routines:

Classic Brooks:

The startling classic card index routine! A deck it’s shuffled and you place one half in each pocket. Then, you start producing freely named cards, as many as you want. As a finale you produce any called poker hand.

Wallet Nightmare:

A card to wallet, without palming, transfers or any deck in sight. This is the opener for the walk around performer.

The Robbery:

A spectator selects any card and loses it in the middle of the deck. Even though the cards are between his hands, you steal the selected card. He can check that it’s not in the deck anymore! The ideal comedy routine for your parlor show!


You show an empty paper bag. The spectator throws a shuffled deck inside and shakes it. Now you can produce from the bag, without seeing, any named card and any four of a kind. The best feature it’s that you don’t have to carry the index on your body!

BONUS: We’ll show you how to make an impromptu Cheetah in less a minute! This secret alone it’s worth the price!

  • Locate any card in a second
  • Extremely thin
  • You can use your own deck
  • It fits into ANY POCKET
  • It will last a lifetime
  • Find as many cards as you want
  • You can produce any poker hand
  • Includes 2 indexes for 26 cards each
  • Video download with 4 professional routines (75 minutes duration)
A card index fast, slim and lethal

Specific References

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